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Today, the hopes to reduce healthcare costs seems to be just that; hopes.

The ambiguity and absence of straight talks across the healthcare and wellness industries have driven many to witness less than tangible results regarding their healthcare numbers and wellness future. In the past years, many have been offered services and products vowing to make dramatic impacts on their healthcare costs. Unfortunately, these products have fallen short and frustration levels have continued to rise among those leading Employers, Trusts, Associations, and Employer Groups.

Today, all of us at RISUS are confident that the challenge in reducing healthcare costs comes from the common and “agreed upon” thought that one or two initiatives will be enough to make a difference.

That is not, and will never be, the case.

The answers to the rising healthcare costs of Employers, Trusts, Associations, and Employer Groups, lie in a collective group of initiatives; all working together to reinforce the results each initiative can bring.

At RISUS, we have determined 5 areas, found in our RISUS’ Collaborative Compass, that will guide and lead you and your organization towards the best opportunity to reduce costs while maintaining or improving the health of your members of employees. This opportunity is illustrated in our proprietary model known as:

After all, how you tackle healthcare should make you smile™

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