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Today, our approach is systematic and based on complete collaboration amongst all the initiatives found in our Collaborative Compass. We see our unique approach as the only way to truly deliver the results you have been expecting for so long.

The Candid, Concise, and Collective Approach To Reduce Healthcare Costs.

Let’s break down each initiative so together, we can see things differently and witness how they are able to work cohesively.

Clinic Partnering:

We can enhance, support, and work with your valued clinic partners to ensure even better results.

  • Are you aware of the actions enhancing your employees’/members’ (and dependents) experience at your clinic(s)?
  • Did you know your wellness clinic(s) can be a much greater asset for acquisition and retention of talent?
  • Do your employees/members understand or realize the true value of your clinic(s) for them as well as their family members?
  • Has your clinic partner(s) brought innovative strategies to you to ensure the best services for your employees/members?

Health Behavior:

Since nothing will change if this doesn’t.

  • Do you know if your employees/members are ready to change their behaviors as it relates to their health?
  • How does your clinic partner(s) engage your employees/members to drive healthier lives and improved behaviors?
  • Are you familiar with the Welcomed Coaching ™ platform?
  • Do you have a baseline of engagement and results for your employees/members and respective dependents for annual health risk assessment/biometric screenings?
  • Do you have educational materials, programmatic initiatives and coaching in place for pre-diabetics and/or those who are diabetic?

Data & Evidence:

Start making decisions based on facts.

  • Would you like to make decisions based on Data driven evidence?
  • Are you discussing creative solutions to help reduce total health plan spend?
  • Do you know how data analytics can lead the real and validated health improvements of your employees/members?
  • Do you understand what is truly driving your health plan costs and your employees’/members’ health status?
  • Are your at-risk employees participating in programs to improve their health and/or control their risks?
  • Are you reviewing your clinic trends specific to brand, generic and specialty drugs and their related costs to your health plan?

Crucial Relationships:

You’ll only be as good as the clinic partners with whom you choose to work.

  • Have you been considering an on-site or near-site wellness clinic for your employees, but not certain of how to start the process?
  • How do you know with which clinic vendor you should work? Who would be the best partner for the best results?
  • Are there opportunities for you to partner with other employers in your area to develop a wellness clinic strategy?
  • How successful is your current clinic partnership related to reducing costs for your health plan?

Enhanced Access/Expanded Network:

Because distance matters

  • Can you imagine the benefits and increased satisfaction your employees/members will experience from having geographically-closer clinics?
  • Do you agree that we will obtain better data from more comprehensive services at your clinics?
  • Would you have greater utilization of your clinic(s) if you were able to offer clinic services closer to your employees’/members’ home?
  • Are you in agreement that no one should have to wait more than 10 minutes in a waiting room?

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