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Ever wonder why as an Employer, Trust, Association, or Employer Group you have never truly experienced the results you expected – or were promised – after all the efforts you’ve put into healthcare and wellness?

If You Answered YES,
It Will Be Imperative That You Begin To See Things In A Whole New Light.

…for it has never been, and never will be,
about doing just one or two things.

Discover how RISUS, another division of the Capstone Group, is being straightforward and upfront as to why so many have not experienced the results they’ve been expecting from their ongoing wellness and healthcare efforts.

Today, by having decision makers view things differently, RISUS is systematically making it a reality for Employers, Trusts, Associations, and Employer Groups to at long last experience tangible results from their efforts to lower costs, have healthier employees, enhance productivity, reduce their employees’ and dependents’ costs, and raise everyone’s experience in the wellness clinic setting.

Someone Had To Say It

As we created RISUS, we thought of our Capstone 8; the values and principles characterizing everything we do. That drove us to realize it wasn’t just about creating a successful business model. It was about someone finally saying, with absolutely no reservations and no matter how complicated or extensive it was, that to see and experience results, you’ll have to do more than just one or two things. Unfortunately, one or two things are all some have ever been offered.

6110 Technology Center Dr. #500
Indianapolis, IN 46278