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Why Did We Create GuidingPosts?

One Simple Reason.

To help associations discover if they can actually offer an employee benefits program and how to break through the confusion around developing one for their members.

We are driven by our mission.
To ensure you have time for other things.™

We Will First:

  • …evaluate the viability of your association to sponsor an employee benefit program for your employer members.
  • …assist in determining your member interest through a survey analysis.
  •  …research market information about existing carriers, policies, regulations, and competitors to help us understand the obstacles you may face.
  • …analyze your association structure and geographic locations to match the legal and regulatory guidance, restrictions, and requirements. *This thorough analysis culminates in a detailed report for you.

Do you know what inspires us?
Getting an email, text, or phone call from you saying;

“…you just made my life simpler…”

We Will Then:

  •  …prepare a feasibility report and implementation outline. These reports include Pro-forma models with your best options and investment ranges.
  • …suggest program designs to optimize your success.
  • …deliver an implementation timeline that includes the use of various vendors, licensing, and sales distribution choices.

Our Realization.
The only way we make things simpler for our clients is by living

Our Capstone 8…every day.

And Finally:

We’ll offer implementation management to help you control the set-up and supply chain processes, reducing your time to market and control your costs and quality.

That’s what we’ll do, and we all believe it will make your life simpler!

Why Did We Call It GuidingPosts?

At every milestone of our consulting services, we will stake a post.

Moving to the next milestone will only happen after you are fully confident and comfortable with the previous post.

Eventually, numerous posts will serve as guiding posts, leading us down the simplest road in an ever changing industry.

Do you know our Capstone 8?

It’s who we are.

It’s how we’ll serve you.

It’s how we’ll make things simpler.

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