Compliance Dashboard Webinars
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Want to earn an A+ in compliance? We are here to make it as simple as possible to complete your assignments.

Join us the last Tuesday of each month as Professor Olivia presents essential compliance lessons that will help keep employers compliant. (Open to advisers and employers.)


Double, Double, Toil and Trouble…Fines and Penalties Cause Such A Struggle!

Fines and penalties and audits…OH MY!!! If you’re frightened at the prospect of a DOL audit, you’re not alone…non-compliance can lead to real and haunting financial consequences…that may leave a business buried alive. Professor Olivia will show you how to stay compliant, so you never have to dig yourself out. Join us to learn what NOT to do, to help you avoid the nightmare of fearful fees!

Tuesday, October 27 @1PM EST


We always need a refresher!

For past, important resources, classroom notes, and valuable Q& A’s, please click the button below:

6110 Technology Center Dr. #500
Indianapolis, IN 46278