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In this group insurance industry, one of the most significant culprits for the lack of membership & revenue growth amongst Associations, Trusts, and Employer groups is the very real fact that today, marketing messages are looking & sounding exactly the same.

Because of that much-needed growth in enrollment, non-dues revenue, and membership…

We are delighted to share that Capstone Administrators and the Atlanta based, award-winning strategic marketing consulting firm, The Charles Jordan Group, have created B3; a new division of The Capstone Group improving the marketing and growth of Insurance Trusts, Employer Groups and Associations.

Today, B3 is ensuring their clients experience the extraordinary benefits that come from a marketing platform based on creativity; while clients happily share that their new marketing efforts are now going far beyond the mundane and unremarkable messages.

In a time when markets have been inundated with what seems to be identical marketing collateral and value propositions, B3 is making an enormous difference by ingeniously highlighting your groups’ culture and benefits offered.

How can a group be expected to grow when their marketing looks nearly the same as everyone else’s?

Just pick any 5 marketing messages, from 5 different associations, and you will see the reason why B3 was created.

By servicing those who seek that much-needed growth in enrollment, non-dues revenue, and membership, B3 is helping the most respected organizations to Build a Better Message, Build Better Marketing, and to Build a Better Brand.

Why B3?

In order to Build a Better Brand.

Your New Marketing Platform Will Be Based On 3 Foundational Elements:

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