Compliance Dashboard Webinars
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Want to earn an A+ in compliance? We are here to make it as simple as possible to complete your assignments.

Join us the last Tuesday of each month as Professor Olivia presents essential compliance lessons that will help keep employers compliant. (Open to advisers and employers.)


Stay off the Naughty List: HIPAA Compliance for Business Associates

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) means business when it comes to Business Associates (BAs). Recent guidance from OCR makes clear to BAs they “better watch out!” because several HIPPA Privacy & Security Rules apply to the same extent as the businesses they serve. Whether you’re a provider or BA, receive the gift of peace of mind as Professor Olivia outlines the HIPAA requirements for BAs and provides tips to creating mutually beneficial agreements.

Tuesday, Dec 17 @1PM EST


We always need a refresher!

For past, important resources, classroom notes, and valuable Q& A’s, please click the button below:

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